About Lusophonia Unplugged

As maravilhas do mundo lusophonia

“Step into the heart of Lusophonia Unplugged, where culture breathes and stories come alive. Here, we’re on a journey – a journey to rediscover the authentic beauty of Portuguese-speaking nations and to mend the bonds of history. Our mission goes beyond the surface; it’s about rekindling connections in a way that nurtures a deeper understanding of the colonial past.

Lusophonia Unplugged isn’t just about art, music, and heritage; it’s about stitching together the fabric of a shared history with sensitivity. We aim to bridge the gaps, forging pathways for cultural exchange that allow for healing and growth.

Our stage is set for artists and cultural enthusiasts to unite, creating projects that will carry the essence of Lusophonia to the world. From captivating events to transformative exchange programs like music, capoeira, and art retreats for adults, as well as inspiring opportunities for children and youth, we’re here to ignite passion and creativity.

Join us in this journey as we harmonize the past with the future, creating opportunities for the culture sector and unveiling innovative ways to bring the best of our heritage to the world. 

Lusophonia Unplugged: Your portal to the soul of Lusophonia, where cultures unite, wounds mend, and the seeds of a more inclusive and vibrant future are sown.”